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This is absolutely awesome, and I hardly EVER give 5 stars, but this one comes very close. The sound design is great, and your percussion work is on point. Really interesting rhythm to the drop as well, and I adore that bass arpeggio.

Only thing I would change is the length, it's super short and if it was longer I feel like you'd have more room to flesh out ideas and get some more variation in there.

Demonicity responds:

thank you :)

The drums at the end are too loud, but other than that I have no other complaints. Dope track, super relaxing.

TheNGVirus responds:

thank you! I'll work on the drums!
I appreciate your feedback!

Some dope sounds here man, the drums have some issues though. Some advice I'd give is to layer your beats more, utilise velocity on them too, makes them feel way more fleshed out and sets them better in the mix, try more variations too, the same beat got kind of boring after a while especially since it was so prominent in the mix.
Also try to make more variation in your second drops, it kind of gets a pass here because it's such a short song but it's a good habit to get into.
Decent work though! And like I said, some excellent sound design going on. Those ambient saw stabs really give me an early 00's DnB vibe and it works really well. Keep it up!

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